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Chinese Pirates Beheaded...Wish You Were Here! In these, the image and message just don't quite...synchronize.
Swell People
Immortalized forever.
In 4 x 6.


The Grim Reaper
Death. Always fun.

Puffery, puffery, all is puffery. In these braggy cards, the losers tried to impress the folks back home.

Haw, haw—we’re on vacation and a bit of smut is just OK! Besides, our HoJo has running water, so we can scoff at outhouses.
Civic Pride
The Biggest! The Best! Civic pride goes wild…and some internecine warring claims….
If your community doesn't really have the biggest, trickery must be practiced
Evil Fish
Death from the trout pond
Aftermarket Amendments
Just in case the recipient didn’t know that Temple Beth-El wasn’t Baptist….
Where Are They Now?
The greatest tristesse of old postcards is wondering where the subjects/senders/recipients are today…or what happened to them.
Voyage of the Grotesque
Freaks o’ Nature. The misfortunate! Let’s look at ‘em!
Haute Cuisine
Eeeeeuuwwww, offal…oh, wait a minute, it’s a food advertisement.
Desert Tragedies
Yep, they’re tragedies. It says so right on the card.
Fine Accommodations
Yes, making fun of motel postcards has been run into the ground…but Lord help me, these were hard to resist!
Perhaps to make one’s own vacation wildnesses seem less egregious by comparison (that extra slice o' pie at HoJo! Peeking into that house of ill repute in Tijuana!). Places where others are confined, whilst the vacationer gleefully globetrots and sends out postcards….
Ribaldry: the Underbelly
What happens in Weeki Wachee… stays in Weeki Watchee
Spare the Rod....
Child abuse...always a laff riot!
Mail Slot of Mysteries
This last lot rank up there with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
Hot, hot, hot! And kinda tawdry.
War Is Swell
Having a wonderful global conflict; wish you were here.
Satan's Stuff
The diabolical geography of our land.
Interspecies Hijinks
We just love it when the species line is breached.
When Alligators Attack
They're mean, they're stealthy, and they're a postal staple.
Hell Hares
Bunnies: the continuing subject of merciless postal weirdness.