Hell Hares

Rabbits, another focus of postal chicanery! But while alligators are often depicted during attacks on humans, rabbits are on the receiving end.


As is often the case, Texas makes a claim for exclusivity that is not borne out by scrutiny.

And the skilled cowpoke below has apparently been able to keep his herd in EXACT formation during an interstate cattle drive.


A couple more, featuring authentic range garb on the riders.


The Evolution of the Jackalope

Then there is the following abomination of nature. Follow its developmental path as it morphs into ever more terrifying form!


A very early version—all taxidermy and no photoediting.


A classic pose.


In steeplechase mode.


“Wild Jackalope at Night”


This one is 3-D!


Douglas, WY pays homage to the Horned One. (A drunk knocked the statue over a while back, but now it  stands tall once again.)


(Note the attempt at revised spelling that went nowhere.)

The next evolutionary stage: wings evolve.

This unusual specimen from Sweden lacks antlers and has a certain roadkill quality.


This subspecies combines both hornedness and gigantism. The horse is taken aback.


Mutations courtesy of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington.