Where Are They Now?

Images long cast out into the postal vortex, with no idea they’d resurface decades later to be scrutinized.

He puts on arcade chaps and gun and poses in a classic paper moon pose. Probably around 1910. Did he send it to his sweetheart? Was she swayed? I would have been.






The stamp on this card came out in 1960, indicating that this overcrowded nurseryful of Baby Boomers would be about 45 today.  Poor little abandoned waifs, lined up while their mothers sleep off half a pint of anesthesia, with terrifying wall décor enhancing the scenario.








And what’s this? It’s the dads! Suavely dressed, and sheltered in the waiting room so as not to be subjected to the carnage within.


More babies, these seen on a 1908 Salvation Army fundraiser piece. Perhaps some of these now-near-centenarians survive today?

Probably not taken in Minot—the name of any city could be stamped in, regardless of whether young inebriates were actually found sleeping it off around town.


Did Rose Marie go on to lead a glamorous life? I hope so. And that this was the LAST time she was likened unto a motor vehicle.

Let’s hope that if somebody ratted him out for the handsome $25 reward, Clarence Miller did his time at Walla Walla honorably and is living a quiet life somewhere at the age of 94.


Oh, wait…we know where HE is.

Why?? Why exploit this small tot with drooping diaper thus? Card was mailed in 1965, so he’s probably around 45 now. Does he know this image circulated throughout the land?


Roy Cross of Kalispell, MT. Miss Ruth McKinley, also of Kalispell. And J.H. Feeney, Kerouac-esque from “Everywhere.”

Look how J.H. is looking at Ruth. If you are the descendent of J.H. and Ruth, tell me your great-grandpa was conceived in that tent while Roy and the photographer were fishing!